Biden’s Latest Anti-Gun Ramble.

Biden gave a speech on Monday April 11th in the rose garden at the White House, it was more than just Biden though, it was an array of typical cronies spewing anti-gun rhetoric based in fallacy, with a touch of victim in the form of Biden’s favorite demographic.  But what did we learn? Well, for starters, it sounds like Biden is poised to start writing all sorts of new laws himself and changing a bunch of definitions that pertain to firearms.  Please note that the Executive Branch of the Federal Government does not pass laws, the legislative branch does, so there’s that.  What does that mean, it means that nothing Biden said on Monday is actually even a thing until congress gets together to vote to strip your rights away. This is where the rest of us come in, pay attention to who you vote for and reach out to your congressmen to voice your opinion and let them know that their constituents do not agree with these proposed changes, or any anti-gun legislation for that matter, and they should not be allowed to stand. Get involved, stay involved.


So what did Biden talk about? Well, they are basically promoting more “ghost gun” propaganda, but now they have expanded definitions for what a “ghost gun” is.  The Biden admin wants to go hard against unserialized firearms and further infringe on your right to keep and bear arms.  They seemingly now classify the age old practice of altering a weapon’s serial number (a long standing federal felony mind you) as the same thing as building your own homemade gun from an 80% kit, which is not a felony or a violation of the law in any way, assuming you’re not a prohibited possessor, making machine guns, or other NFA regulated items.  Citizens of this country have had the legal abilities to manufacture their own firearms, for personal use only, basically since the founding of this country.  But now, through fear tactics and playing on the lack of knowledge of the general public, the employment of ambiguous and “scary” terminology, and conflating actual gun crime with the activities of law abiding hobbyists Biden is stacking the deck for the AFT to effectively change the rules in the middle of the game.  While at the surface level someone may say “what’s the big deal with having to serialize your homemade weapons” and someone might respond with “nothing really, seems like a harmless enough compromise”, to which anybody who has a pulse and has paid a modicum of attention to second amendment politics for any part of the past 20 years would promptly tell both parties to STFU.  There is no compromise, any amount of proverbial rope given to the government is promptly exploited for the ultimate means of complete gun confiscation.  This is the technique, tell the lie, tell it often, eventually the people will believe it.  People in the anti-gun community don’t have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to delineating between actual gun crime committed by law abiding gun owners and actual gun crime committed by habitual law breakers. A vast percentage of gun crime and gun violence is committed by prohibited possessors, meaning people who are by law not allowed to possess firearms, as if these people are popping into their local gun store to fill out a 4473 on their way to go commit crimes involving guns.  So it begs the question; if a person willingly breaks the law and utilizes an illegally possessed firearm to break said law(s), does it make sense that these outlaws would willfully turn over their illegally possessed firearms simply because the government made more laws telling these would be criminals to do so?  The age old adage still stands “if guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns” and yet this statement is completely lost on a portion of the population.  And yes, complete disarmament of the general population is a tyrannical government wet dream, these people long for the day that the everyday citizen, the plebs and proletariat no longer have a voice to speak out with, a gun to defend it with or a leg to stand on, but make no mistake, this is what they want and if the past couple of years have shown us peons anything it would be that these people will use any means necessary to to fulfill their agenda.  To them the end always justifies the means.  


Now there were some other things covered in Biden’s latest rambling, the appointment of a new AFT Dictator, changes in the management of firearms transfer records, the creation of not a gun registry and maybe some other stuff.  In all honesty I did not watch the entire speech, I read the notes on the AFT and White House websites and listened to a slew of other online gun commentators like MrGunsAndGear, IraqVeteran8888, and Guns & Gadgets and I encourage you to do the same, seek knowledge, educate yourself, and be involved, for the sake of all of us. 


If this comes off as a little doomsday ish then good, it’s supposed to.  If you care about your right to keep and bear arms then you should be very concerned anytime any sort of conversation of this nature begins to take place within the halls of government.  This is a long game to these people and our short attention spans are almost certain to cause us to drop our guard every couple of years when they roll out some new infringements in the wake of some recent gun tragedy.  It’s the same modus operandi everytime, exploit a recent tragedy, propose new legislation, exploit victims of said tragedy, conflate facts and terms to fit the narrative, demonize constitution loving law abiding citizens, infringe on all of our rights. Rinse and repeat.


Don’t be dumb.


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Please note that neither the author nor the organization have any affiliation with any of the aforementioned YouTube channels, but we are an FFL so we have some degree of affiliation with the ATF.  Just saying.



  • Charley

    Absolutely right! It is amazing how silly the current adminstration’s narrative has become. As it stands, someone should disarm Biden himself via a red flag law – anyone who suggests that persons should stand on their front porch and blindly fire guns into the darkness of night without regard for the welfare of anyone who may be in range should be immediately disarmed.

  • Sean

    well said QD, over the last covid years it was funny when what i call a libtard would come into the store to buy a gun, didnt know what they want, but needed it now…. didnt understand they had to wait; and basically lost there shit. yes us law abiding criminals are the ones to blame for everything…. as big pharma laughs as they rape society for gross profits on medication and mental health… i guess if the politicians had half a brain and really wanted to work for the people they would ask big pharma and all of the other billionaire company rich pigs to do the right thing, fix hunger, get people with mental health issues help, take care of your fellow man and leave us the F@#k alone. funny thing is greed is a form of a mental health issue… hording?

  • Denise

    The question in my mind is do those writing these laws understand these types of restrictions diadvantages the law abiding people and are just making it easier for organized criminals to take advantage. The very reason they profess the need for the law is to stop the gun violence and protect the citezens…limiting features on weapons doesnt stop the criminals, nor address the mental health issues that are obviously a factor! Who in there right mind would purposefully take a life? …then I have to wonder, is this by design? Our forefathers had the foresight and experience to know, we should not look to our Govt to protect us. We the people will protect ourselves, and if necessary from our own Govt.

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