Quentin Defense About Us

The Quentin Defense Story

Quentin Defense is a family-owned and operated business in Arizona. Founded in 2008 by Jason and Abigail Renschler, Quentin Defense strives to fill the void in the market for high-quality products for low volume manufacturers. This is especially important for custom AR15 builders. We provide a way for low volume custom rifle builders to have private-label “variance” receivers available to them in quantities of 5 or 10 pieces.

Quentin Defense has grown substantially since our founding in 2008. We now produce private-label products for over 100 companies across the country. Because of the high demand for our products and services, we’ve expanded every year since 2013.

Our expansion in 2013 was largely to focus on building the Quentin Defense brand of firearms. We completed and released a 308-compatible version of our billet receiver. The second expansion came in 2014, where we expanded the Quentin Defense product line to include barrels and tunable muzzle brakes designed with the 3-Gun Competitor in mind. In 2015, we expanded our production capacity by moving to a larger manufacturing facility and added a retail showroom. We are looking forward to what the year 2016 has in store for the Quentin Defense family!

The Quentin Defense Philosophy

Many manufacturers build products only looking to meet a certain price point. At Quentin Defense, we have taken the approach of building the best product we can with precision and efficiency and putting it to market at a fair price.

Every firearm we produce, whether it’s a stripped lower or a complete rifle, has the attention and care put into it that I would expect if I were going to have to defend my life with it. I expect nothing less for myself and I will accept nothing less for our customers.

Jason Renschler, Founder & CEO


Great people and great product. I have really enjoyed working with them for my AR builds plus some extra toys along the way.

-- Jared W.