Warranty Information

Quentin Defense Firearms Warranty

All Quentin Defense products are manufactured in the USA of premium quality materials and offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our factory complete firearms and receivers. 

  • All complete QD firearms are tested for function prior to leaving our facility. 
  • Quentin Defense will only repair or replace the parts that are determined to be defective from the factory. 
  • Our Limited Lifetime Warranty only applies to defective workmanship and/ or parts and does not cover damage from what is considered normal wear and tear. 
  • Our Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damages resulting from careless firearms handling, unauthorized adjustments and/ or modifications, abuse, use of improper ammunition, excessive and/ or unreasonable use, rust, corrosion, barrel obstructions, and general misuse. 
  • Any factory complete firearm from Quentin Defense in need of warranty repair resulting from customer or third party gunsmithing or modifications will be null and void of all warranty coverage.
  • Any alterations or modifications of factory parts will void the warranty. 

It is the customers responsibility to ensure any and all aftermarket parts installed on a factory Quentin Defense firearm are within specification and are installed correctly.  Any damages sustained to the firearm resulting from improper parts or improper installation will void the warranty completely.  Improper installation of parts and/or the use of improper parts is very dangerous and can result in catastrophic injury and potentially death.  Quentin Defense will not be held liable for any injury or death resulting from the improper handling, use, or unauthorized modifications to any and all factory Quentin Defense firearms.  

Damages sustained by any factory Quentin Defense firearm as a result of poor or improper firearms maintenance and care will not be covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Proper care of your firearm is the sole responsibility of the owner.  Quality firearms maintenance is essential to the life of your firearm and once a firearm leaves our factory Quentin Defense can no longer govern the degree of adequate firearms maintenance to be performed by the firearm’s owner.  

All shipping costs resulting from the need for warranty assessment are the sole responsibility of the firearm owner.  Quentin Defense will not cover any shipping costs whatsoever.

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is not applicable to any complete firearm built from one of our receivers or receiver sets by any party other than Quentin Defense or its affiliates.  Limited Lifetime Warranty coverage for any Quentin Defense receiver, whether an upper receiver, lower receiver, or receiver set is only applicable to the receiver/ receiver set and does not apply to any subsequent parts installed by any party other than Quentin Defense or its affiliates.  All of our receivers are manufactured to military specification (MILSPEC) and will work with most MILSPEC quality parts.  Any damages to your Quentin Defense receiver/ receiver set resulting from inferior parts or the improper installation of parts will not be covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Warranty Registration

In order to activate your Limited Lifetime Warranty coverage you must first register your factory Quentin Defense firearm or receiver/ receiver set. 

  • To activate your Limited Lifetime Warranty please fill out and submit the form below labeled “Warranty Registration Form”. 

Activating your warranty is a crucial part of our warranty process and helps us to ensure timely and sufficient warranty coverage for our customers. 

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is transferable to subsequent owners of factory Quentin Defense firearms and receivers/ receiver sets but a new warranty registration will be required by the new owner in order to ensure timely and sufficient warranty coverage.

Warranty Registration Form:

Request for Warranty Coverage

If you need to warranty your factory Quentin Defense firearm or receiver/ receiver set please completely fill out the form below and press submit.  Once you have submitted your warranty we will contact you at the contact information provided in your warranty submission. 

  • Please check your spam folder for emails from us in the event you do not see a reply within a few days of having submitted your warranty claim. 
  • Warranty claims submitted without a completed warranty registration will be put on hold until the Warranty Registration has been completed. 
  • Warranty claims are assessed on a first come first served basis and therefore may result in extended wait times as we process other warranty claims previously submitted. 


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