Introducing the all new integrally suppressed 9mm pistol AR from Quentin Defense, the ARQ-9 Hammer.

The ARQ-9 Hammer features our ARQ-9 billet receiver set with our Phat Bastard billet grip and 9″ Bootleg Industries handguard with our 4.5″ 1/10 twist 416R Stainless Steel Black Nitride coated barrel secured tightly behind our integrally suppressed Kinetic Suppressor Wizard 9mm suppressor and patent pending Kinetic Suppressor Pre-Suppression system.  For all the parts that we do not produce we have sourced high quality parts and accessories from very reputable manufacturers like Radian Weapons, SB Tactical, and Velocity Triggers to help round out the ARQ-9 Hammer and deliver a high quality, highly reliable weapon system that our users can count on every time.

Chambered in 9mm, with an overall length of 25.375 inches and weighing in at 5.6lbs dry (6.5lbs with a full high cap Glock mag) the ARQ-9 Hammer is the ultimate personal defense weapon that can be deployed in almost any environment.  The sound suppression capabilities and the compact ability of the ARQ-9 Hammer make this weapon system ideal for nearly any user in any scenario.

Available in Black Anodize, Battle Worn Burnt Bronze Cerakote, or Battle Worn Tactical Grey Cerakote, with other Cerakote colors available upon request.

Arm yourself with quality, dependability, and persuasion with the integrally suppressed ARQ-9 Hammer from Quentin Defense.


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