Actors and Politics


It is incredible the lengths politicians and the government will go to to try and convince the masses of their unpopular opinions.  It’s laughable that this administration, let alone any past administration, thinks that by dragging out some A-list celebrity the masses are going to flock to their highly unpopular policy that they are currently trying to force feed every American citizen.  Seriously.  If you want to convince people of the authenticity of your cause then don’t hire a professional actor to spin a yarn about your poorly thought out and misguided rule changes.  Changes that actually do nothing to address the real problems at hand, but further create a divide between people who live in reality and people who believe actors like Matthew McConaughey.  Just to be clear, actors are just that, actors.  Paid professionals whose job it is to read from a script, invoke emotion, and try to convince the viewer of their authenticity, this is the sum of their entire being.  So for one to think that any actor, celebrity, social media influencer, K-pop band, professional athlete, or any other mainstream personality employed by any political administration is going to feed you a genuine line of thought based in reality must be a clear indicator of one’s willful mental incapacitation.  However, we do not live in a society where a person’s inability to distinguish fact from fiction is a hindrance to that person’s right to participate in societal things. If that were the case then the left would probably lose the majority of their voting base,  assuming the left is not in charge of deciding which ideologies are socially acceptable. 


I feel like this is a frivolous post and more or less a waste of time as it doesn’t actually provide the reader with any real value. But I know that as long as the opposition continues to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the fulfillment of their agenda, whatever that may be, that the rest of us need to stand vigilant and do all we can to expose the bullshit at every opportunity and never let our guard down.  You are doing yourself and all those around you a complete disservice by ignoring all the things that are currently going on in this world and choosing not to become involved.  You can go on continuing to not care about politics but politics will never stop caring about you.


The sentence “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” has never been more relevant and to do and say nothing about the current state of affairs is effectively consent.  Be proactive before it is too late.


  • Rogers Orion

    Wait a minute. If so called actors are pushing a political agenda, doesn’t that cut both ways?

  • Greg Gille

    Inalienable and shall not be infringed upon become so much more important when the Village Idiot President thinks that he can legislate through executive order.

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