2 Guns, 1 Suppressor.

The title may be a little misleading, but you get it. The Racket 7.62 suppressor from Kinetic Suppressor is compatible with a multitude of firearms in a variety of calibers.  Which is a thing of beauty, one suppressor capable of shooting a variety of calibers, that means one tax stamp for many applications.  Imagine that, not only is the eform system drastically improving wait times for NFA items, particularly suppressors, but you would only need one tax stamp for a can that will likely handle the majority of rifle caliber firearms in your collection.

The Kinetic Racket 7.62 is capable of firing the following calibers:

  • .223 / 5.56×45 NATO
  • .300 BLK
  • 7.62×39
  • 7.62×51
  • 300 WM
  • 300 RUM

The Kinetic Suppressor Racket 7.62 comes with two direct thread mounting adaptors (1/2-28 & 5/8-24) and two end covers (1/2-28 & 5/8-24) as well as a small removal tool for the end covers.  You can easily remove one direct thread mount adaptor and swap it with the other adaptor, along with the corresponding end cover, and now your suppressor is ready for use with the appropriate caliber for the plate configuration.  Be sure to always change your end covers to match the corresponding thread adaptor in order to avoid damaging the suppressor.  The direct thread adaptors can be easily removed and replaced using a 1.125″ socket or open end wrench.

Some of the quick detach mounting options that the Kinetic Suppressor Racket 7.62 are compatible with are the Dead Air Key-Mount, SilencerCo ASR, Q Plan-B, Dead Air Xeno Mount, and a wide array of SilencerCo Omega compatible thread patterns.  Utilizing a quick detach system for your suppressor is the way to go when mounting your suppressor, not only will the QD mount enable the Racket 7.62 to handle limited full auto capabilities, but it makes swapping your suppressor from gun to gun a breeze, assuming your employing compatible mounting hardware across your platforms.

The Racket 7.62 suppressor from Kinetic Suppressor in 6.75″ in length, 1.5″ in overall diameter, weighs in at approximately 16oz, and is available in either polished stainless steel or high temperature black Cerakote, with other colors available upon request.

Depending on the cover/ adaptor configuration the Racket 7.62 suppressor has an average sound reduction of 34 dBs, which will vary based on your barrel length, caliber, and ammo type.  An average sound reduction of 34 dBs is pretty sufficient in the world of firearms suppressors when you are shooting factory ammo.  Specialty loads can achieve greater sound reduction results, but that is a conversation for another day.

Manufactured entirely of 17-4PH American Stainless Steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 35 and fully laser welded throughout, the Racket 7.62 will handle a lifetime of use and abuse and consistently deliver ample sound reduction as well as rugged durability.

Overall, the Kinetic Suppressor Racket 7.62 suppressor is a highly versatile and capable suppressor for your firearm that will provide ample sound reduction across a variety of platforms and calibers and is built to withstand the test of time.

To read more about the Racket 7.62 suppressor please click here.

Kinetic Suppressor is located in Gilbert, AZ in our full service manufacturing facility along with Quentin Defense, LLC.  We pride ourselves on producing high quality firearms, suppressors, and firearms components.  If you’re ever in the area please feel free to stop by and check out our Pro Shop located at 1025 N McQueen Rd Suite 153/154, Gilbert, AZ 85233